Mindfulness for teachers and students

Mindful Therapies delivers programmes for students and teachers of primary, secondary and higher education. Our bespoke range of programmes equip teachers, support staff and students alike, and include:

  • mindfulness training for teachers and support staff
  • training to enable teachers and support staff to deliver mindfulness sessions to pupils
  • a programme specially designed for students

These sessions help staff to develop positive psychology and mindfulness techniques. They also enable students to increase their creativity, improve their focus and handle emotions positively.

Nearly 300 staff and 400 students have already received training from Mindful Therapies. Over 95% of staff have reported that training could have a positive impact on challenging behaviour at school. To discuss how Mindful Therapies could work with your school or university, please get in touch. You can also book a taster session for your students or staff.

“I believe as a result of practicing mindfulness, I am happier and calmer which can only have a positive effect on my interactions with both children and adults.”

Teacher feedback

“The parents of one of my students have commented that she is now more able to discuss her feelings and is more observant of her surroundings.”

Teacher feedback

“Overall, the children who have taken part are calmer and using breathing and meditation to help them when they face challenges with their homework, or life in general.”

Teacher feedback