“Absolutely loved the mindfulness sessions, would love to see more of this here on a regular basis.”


“Felt like a new person afterwards, refreshed, energised and focussed.”


“Mark was informative, calm, helpful and patient. Great session covering background and practice.”


Workplace mindfulness fosters wellbeing and empowers your staff to succeed

workplace mindfulness

Mindful Impact is our business to business brand for workplace mindfulness. Please visit our sister website for all you need to bring mindful impact to your business.

Workplace mindfulness is good for business because it increase your team’s creativity, focus, and ability to deal positively with change. It can also reduce employee absence, staff turnover and interpersonal conflicts.¬† For an overview of some of the key benefits to business read our blog, Business benefits of mindfulness at work .¬† If you want to explore the evidence base for mindfulness The Mindfulness initiative produced a detailed report – Building-the-Case mindfulness at work.

If you are a charity or social enterprise and are interested in how mindfulness can help your clients, we’d love to hear from you, so please email us. You can read more about our work with not-for-profits¬†here.

We also run training and mindfulness sessions for teachers and students. Click here to read more about our work in education.