The power of silliness



We should never underestimate the value of being a little silly from time to time – a sense of humour really goes a long way. We often take ourselves far too seriously and this can get in the way of us having perspective and being happy. Here are my top tips for using silliness to be happy:

1. Wear something you love.

No matter how sensibly you might need to dress for work, there is always room for a little colour or a little silliness. This might be wearing a pair of glittery shoes (as I am today!), or sneaking a pair of silly socks under your sensible trousers. If you normally wear a shirt for work (and it isn’t too warm) you might even wear your favourite band T shirt underneath. Nobody need ever know!

2. Listen to some silly music.

I don’t really like the term ‘guilty pleasures’ because if we enjoy a piece of music then there is nothing to feel guilty about – but we probably all have songs that we enjoy that we might not admit to. For me at the moment it is all about 90s pop, 80s hip-hop and comedy songs. Stick a couple of your favourites on your iPod or iPhone. Maybe put it on shuffle so that you get an amusing surprise!

3. An exercise in silliness

mark sidney hula hoop

Dance, hula hoop or skip Find time every day for a little silly dance. It might be when you are alone in front of the mirror, when you are doing your housework or when you are with a friend or colleague who could do with a giggle. Don’t try and dance well. The sillier the better!  Try skipping down the street or or hula hooping with a group of friends. This isn’t about looking cool!

4. Choose a silly password.

We now have so many passwords to remember. Why not change at least one of them to remind you of a funny moment, a joke or your favourite TV character? Something that makes you giggle every time you type it.

5. Spend time with silly friends.

Mark silliness 2

These friends could be human friends or pets. They may be adults or children. Whoever they are, make sure you find some time to spend with others who make you laugh. It might be splashing in puddles with a toddler or fighting with your cat over a ball of string. Or it might be going to see some comedy with a friend or covering them with feathers! Make time for laughter – it’s important!


In all of this the important thing is to laugh at ourselves and to do so with kindness. This doesn’t mean belittling our difficulties but to just take a moment to gently laugh. It always makes me feel better!

Try them out, and afterwards take a moment to notice how it feels for you. Let us know what silly things you do that make you feel better.