Intention versus Resolutions

It is the start of a new year. It is the start of a new decade! Join Mark for a reflective afternoon exploring the power of intention.

If you have already given up on your resolutions, that’s ok, it is perfecly normal. When we hold on too tightly to the outcome we create a tension that works against us. Hold on loosely to the outome and allow our minds natural processes to direct our actions at a subconcious level. When we do this our actions take us in te direction of our desires and aspirations.

We all use intention at an instinctual, unconscious level – everything we do is underpinned by our intention to do it. This workshop will provide practical guidance consciously focus and direct your intention to get the things you most want from life.

Intention, resolutions and goals are not the same thing, which is why many goals fail to achieve the desired results and we often fail to stick to resolutions. Intention taps into our core beliefs and values to direct our attention to the things we want. We will also explore techniques to reduce our tendency to become self-critical and ‘beat ourselves up’ when we do not keep our resolutions or meet our goals.

We will use a range of exercises and techniques to explore and identify our core values and beliefs and align these with our desires and aspirations. The workshop will be informed by models and techniques developed by Juliet Adams . In addition we will utilise mindfulness skills along with positive psychology to bring awareness to our core desires and the steps we can take to achieve them.

All practices are suitable for beginners and those with experience of mindfulness meditation.

Book now and start moving towards the life you want.