The Power Hour


I have always found routine difficult. Somehow it seems so much easier to pick up ‘bad’ habits than ‘good’ ones. However, I recently stumbled across something that I like to call the ‘Power Hour’, that has really made a difference. So much so that I really wanted to share it.

I have not entirely invented this idea. There are other versions of this around, including the ‘Magic Hour’ (, which aides productivity, and the ‘Miracle Hour’, which divides prayer into 12 five-minute sections (

Six steps

The Power Hour that I have taken up is more flexible and is basically a set of simple tasks to do first thing in the morning. My tasks are a balance of practical and emotional and are as follows:

  1. Gratitude

    – I write down five things that I am grateful for. As I am writing this in the morning, I write four good things that have happened the previous day followed by one thing I appreciate in the present moment.

  2. Affirmations

    I come up with five positive affirmations which I write down and read out – sometimes aloud, sometimes just to myself.

  3. To-do list

    I write a list of tasks for the day – the top task being the ‘power hour’. At the end of the power hour I have a plan for the day and one item to cross off!

  4. Simple De-Clutter

    This might mean picking one item to go to the bin or charity shop. It might mean sorting out a drawer or cupboard. It might mean deleting 20 emails from my inbox. The important thing is for it to be simple and achievable.

  5. Exercise

    I do ten minutes of simple exercise. This is usually squats and lunges so that I can feel my muscles working first thing. Sometimes it’s ten minutes of dancing round the living room to cheesy music. Sometimes it is mindful movement. I listen to what my body needs that day.

  6. Look after the cat

    My final task is a very practical one. It is to change my cat’s water, top up her food and clean her litter tray. It is a mundane task that is a necessary part of being a cat owner and is also a task that I used to remember as I was on my way out the door. By making it part of my Power Hour, I am less rushed, and Sheema is cared for in a more mindful way.

Create your own power hour

I have been doing this for around six weeks now and I feel more positive and more focused. It is making a huge difference. Of course it is not one size fits all. My routine would not suit everyone. I would suggest picking six tasks that you could carry out in around ten minutes. You could include six of the following:

  • A short meditation
  • Writing a gratitude journal
  • A simple act of self-care such as moisturising
  • Saying some affirmations in front of the mirror
  • Going for a walk round the block
  • Writing your to-do list for the day
  • Sending a text or email to someone that you care about
  • Carefully making your packed lunch for the day
  • Reading a poem or something that you find inspiring.

I would love to know what you decide to put in your Power Hour and whether you find it effective.