Happy 3rd Birthday to us!

Birthday Celebrations Last Monday Mindful Therapies celebrated our third birthday. It was a low-key celebration with some tea and cake with some of our team, regular class attendees and our partners. It was a lovely opportunity for people who work for Mindful Therapies to meet one another, in some cases for the first time. As [...]

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My Mindful Colonoscopy

Finding The Pleasant in the Unpleasant A couple of weeks ago I experienced a colonoscopy. Like most people I don't particularly relish the thought of an invasive medical procedure. However, throughout the experience I was able to find elements that were pleasant. In almost any circumstances we may be able to use our mindfulness practice [...]

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Mindfulness of the senses

The Senses We experience the world in two main ways – through our minds and through our senses. When we experience the world through the mind we are often stuck in fantasy, or we are stuck in memories about the past or worries about the future. When we experience the world through our senses we [...]

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