Am I doing it right?

Am I doing it right? This week at Mindful Therapies we ran a meditation workshop called ‘Am I doing it right?’ This was an opportunity for people with some experience of meditation to discuss their practice with others. Although we meditate in a group, the practice of meditation is quite a solitary experience, in [...]

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9 mindful attitudes in relationships | 1. Beginners Mind

Beginners mind in relationships This series of blog posts focuses on some of my reflections on the nine foundational attitudes of mindfulness and how they relate to interpersonal relationships. This week is an exploration of beginner’s mind. The longer we know somebody, often the less we pay attention. Instead, we rely on our assumptions [...]

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The additional benefits of practicing mindfulness with others

Five benefits of practicing mindfulness in a group Mindfulness is often perceived as a solitary act, an unfolding of awareness of our true selves.  Indeed, mindfulness meditation involves dedicating time and space to being a witness to your thoughts, physical sensations and emotions.  There are a plethora of books, recordings and apps available for [...]

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