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‘Mindfulness And…Mindfulness For’

An online lecture series for mental health and HR professionals who want to apply mindfulness practises in their workplace.

We will have a range of speakers who specialise in different applications of mindfulness including neurodiversity and addiction. Each lecture will include a 50 minute presentation and 10 minutes Q&A

Lectures will be held on the third Friday of the month at 4 pm and are donation based.

Lectures will be recorded and made available to attendees.

15th September 2023 – Inspiration and Intention | 20th October 2023 – Mindfulness and Pain | 17th November 2023 – Mindfulness for survivors

15th December 2023 – Mindfulness and subjective wellbeing | Alan Ross

15/09/2023 – Inspiration & Intention | 20/10/2023 – Mindfulness & Pain | 17/11/2023 – Mindfulness for women survivors of sexual violence

15/12/2023 – Mindfulness & subjective wellbeing | 19/01/2024 – Mindfulness for leadership | 16/02/2024 – Mindfulness for men

15/03/2024 – Mindfulness & Cancer | 19/04/2024 – Mindfulness & neurodiversity | 17/05/2024 – Mindfulness & addiction

21/06/2024 – TBC

Everyone who signs up to a talk will get the opportunity to have a FREE 15 minute Wellbeing Audit of your business. Mark Sidney from Mindful Impact will review your wellbeing practises and offer pointers for how to improve them.

Mindfulness and subjective wellbeing

Mark Cieslik – Northumbria University and Rachel Jones-Wild – Mindful Therapies

Friday 15th December 4pm

Mindfulness and subjective wellbeing – Mark Cieslik


This talk reflects on the findings from a long-term study into the experiences of mindfulness and its impact on the wellbeing of a small group of meditators in Newcastle Upon Tyne’. It shows the distinctive ways that participants engaged with mindfulness, reflecting their life histories which framed the development of their practice and enhancements to wellbeing. It illustrates some of the many ways that mindfulness supports people to live well in challenging times.

Mindfulness for Counsellors.

A series of four CPD workshops for counsellors wanting to incorporate mindfulness into their practice.

These are available in person at the Mindful Therapies Centre, or online via zoom.

Please book into the location you would like to attend.