Mindfulness Online

Themed Mindfulness Workshops

From workshops, to online courses and coaching, the Mindful Therapies team can provide a wide range of mindfulness content online. Suitable for both businesses and individuals, we have tailored our programs for you and your staff to gain the maximum possible benefits of mindfulness practice, in the most convenient way possible.

If you are looking for something more bespoke we would love to create something that matches your needs. Please email mark@mindfultherapies.org.uk  or call 07852 595 858 for an initial conversation.

Introduction to Mindfulness

Workshops ranging from 45minutes-3 hours providing overview of benefits of mindfulness and short mindfulness practices to help manage stress and improve concentration.

Seated Mindful Movement

30-45  minute workshop specifically designed to combat physical effects of sitting at computer all day, release tension in neck, shoulders, hands and back.  Longer session includes gentle self massage of head, face and hands.

Mindfulness for sleep

Mindfulness for sleep

One hour workshop with practices and techniques to improve sleep quality

mindfulness Yoga

Mindful Yoga

45 minute restorative yoga session designed to relieve tension and bloating.

Mindfulness for focus

Mindfulness for focus and concentration

Choice of 45 or 60 minute workshop with combination of short and longer practices to improve focus and concentration.

mindfulness for self care

Mindfulness for self-care

One hour workshop focusing on techniques to promote self-care including kindness, self-compassion and gratitude

mindfulness for decision making

Mindfulness for decision making

One hour workshop focused on techniques to improve and understand decision making


  • Mindful Attitudes at work – 10 week structured course 90 minutes per week, includes handbook and guided meditation CD/MP3
  • WorkplaceMT – 6 week course, 1 hour per week, includes book and guided meditation MP3
  • Getting Started – 10 week rolling programme, 60 minute standalone sessions with pdf for each week

Practice sessions

Regular 15/30/45/60 minute guided meditation sessions 

Mindfulness Coaching

One to one mindfulness coaching minimum 6 sessions – up to 20 sessions. 60-90 minutes, weekly/fortnightly/monthly

Online courses


“Absolutely loved the mindfulness sessions, would love to see more of this here on a regular basis.”


“Felt like a new person afterwards, refreshed, energised and focussed.”


“Mark was informative, calm, helpful and patient. Great session covering background and practice.”