What is the difference between mindfulness and meditation?

The difference between mindfulness and meditation? We are often asked about whether mindfulness and meditation are the same thing. My answer is yes and no. It is possible to practice mindfulness without meditating. It is possible to practice meditation without being mindful. And it is possible to practice mindful meditation! So what is mindfulness? [...]

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Is colouring-in really mindful?

Is Colouring-in Really Mindful? If you go to the mindfulness section of many bookshops you will find adult colouring books. These books suggest that we can find inner peace, so long as we don’t go outside the lines. I know of school teachers who announce to their pupils ‘it’s time to do some mindfulness’ [...]

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14 tips for a mindful Valentine’s Day

A mindful Valentine’s Day Valentine's day is a celebration of love, relationships and connection. Mindfulness is training in paying attention, in the words of Simone Weil ‘Attention is the Rarest and Purest form of Generosity’ Mindfulness, paying attention , on purpose, in the present moment can help strengthen our relationships. The following tips can [...]

Connection at Christmas (Part 2) | Connecting this Christmas

Connecting this Christmas. Our theme of the month for December is connection. Last year, the ‘Connection at Christmas’ post told the story of my mum and the Liverpool shoebox appeal. Last year my mum, Sandra, and the school where she worked helped to collect 95 shoeboxes filled with goodies to send to children in [...]

The Power Hour

The Power Hour   I have always found routine difficult. Somehow it seems so much easier to pick up ‘bad’ habits than ‘good’ ones. However, I recently stumbled across something that I like to call the ‘Power Hour’, that has really made a difference. So much so that I really wanted to share it. [...]

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Practising Compassion at Mindful Therapies

Each month at Mindful Therapies we focus on one of the nine foundational attitudes of mindfulness, as described by Jon Kabat-Zinn. These are attitudes we can bring both to our mindfulness practice and to our everyday lives. The nine attitudes are: Beginners Mind Non-Judgement Gratitude Acceptance Letting Go Generosity Patience Trust Of course, there [...]

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A perfect day?

An ordinary day or a perfect day? At 11:15pm on Saturday 21st September I was driving home, I was feeling good and realised that the day that had just been may well have been a perfect day.  I was however also struck by the realisation that from a different perspective, it was an average [...]

Am I doing it right?

Am I doing it right? This week at Mindful Therapies we ran a meditation workshop called ‘Am I doing it right?’ This was an opportunity for people with some experience of meditation to discuss their practice with others. Although we meditate in a group, the practice of meditation is quite a solitary experience, in [...]

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