Mindfulness For Counsellors

Mindfulness for Counsellors Workshop

With 4 specially themed workshops happening fortnightly from the 2nd July, each workshop will cover an impact of lockdown and how to use mindfulness to work with it.

Session 1 – Using mindfulness remotely – 2nd July , 12pm – 2pm

  • Pros and cons of remote working;
  • Contra-indications, safety and safeguarding when working remotely;
  • Visuals to share with clients via zoom (or other platform);
  • How to lead mindful movement safely over the phone;
  • How to model mindfulness when working remotely.

Since the first lockdown many therapists have moved their practices online or over the phone and for many of us this way of working is set to continue. While mindfulness is often seen as a group exercise where the physical presence of others is valuable, the last year has taught us that remote working is an equally good alternative. This workshop will provide an introduction to using mindfulness in remote working.

Post Lockdown Anxiety

Session 2 – Post Lockdown Anxiety  – 16th July, 12pm – 2pm

  • Mindful movement;
  • Breathing techniques;
  • Grounding exercises;
  • Neuroscience theory to help to normalise feelings of anxiety.

Post-lockdown anxiety: For many clients, the end of lockdown is anxiety-provoking. This might include fear of crowds; fear of being seen in public; fear of the virus. In this workshop we will be learning simple mindfulness techniques and theory to teach to clients to manage anxiety.

Session 3 – Working With Lockdown Loss – 30th July, 12pm – 2pm

  • Sitting with difficult emotions;
  • Using the foundational attitudes of mindfulness to work with grief;
  • How to introduce gratitude without diminishing grief;
  • How to teach resilience.

The last year has been characterised by loss. This might include bereavements due to Covid or Covid-related; loss of social contact; loss of employment. Clients may have had significant events cancelled or radically changed such as weddings, graduations or birthdays. In this workshop we will explore ways of using mindfulness to honour the losses felt by our clients and enable our clients to grieve.

covid trauma mindfulness
gratitude in mindfulness

 Session 4 – Vicarious Trauma and Self Care Post Covid – 13th August, 12pm – 2pm

  • Self-compassion practices;
  • How to hold covid-related grief and loss in a ‘bigger container’;
  • Boundary-setting and therapist self-care;
  • How to let go of traumatic client material.

Covid19 and lockdown have been a collective trauma and a collective loss. This has impacted clients, therapists and supervisors and will continue to have an impact for months and years to come. Services have been stretched and it can be tempting to give more to our clients. In this workshop we will be exploring ways of using mindfulness to help us, as therapists, to manage the trauma of Covid19 and lockdown.

Each 2 hour workshop will be delivered fortnightly, starting from Friday 2nd July and ending Friday 13th August. Each session will be delivered via Zoom with tickets available to purchase on Eventbrite. Tickets are priced at £30 per session, should you wish to attend just one, or £100 for all four. Click the link below to book your tickets now.