Mindfulness for Counsellors

Mindfulness for Counsellors is a series of four themed workshops aimed at counsellors, both student and qualified, wishing to explore the use of mindfulness in client work.

The experiential and self-reflective workshops will cover mindfulness theory and practice. Delegates will have the opportunity to put learning into practice using either their own client work or fictional case studies to formulate a treatment plan. They will also be able to practice leading simple mindfulness interventions.

All workshops will take place at the Mindful Therapies Centre in Newcastle.

Mindfulness for Counsellors

Workshop 1: Stress and Anxiety
Saturday 25th January 12:30pm-3:30pm

This workshop will explore ways of using mindfulness to work with clients who present with stress and anxiety. Delegates will learn how to use breath awareness, mindful movement and other grounding exercises in the therapy room. The session will also draw on the work of neuroscientist Paul Gilbert to enable therapists to normalise their client’s anxiety and provide effective coping strategies.

Workshop 2: Depression and Low Mood
Saturday 22nd February 12:30pm-3:30pm

In this workshop we will explore ways of using mindfulness to manage thoughts, particularly the negative thoughts that might be experienced by a client presenting with depression or low mood. Delegates will learn how to introduce gratitude to clients in a manner that validates their low mood while also presenting an alternative possible perspective. You will also learn how to deliver breathing meditations sensitively and effectively.

Workshop 3: Confidence, Self-Kindness and Self-Esteem
Saturday 28th March 12:30pm-3:30pm

This workshop draws upon the kindness and compassion elements of mindfulness, particularly the work of Kristin Neff. Delegates will learn how to lead kindness meditations and how to introduce clients to self-compassion. The session will also explore the evolutionary role of the inner critic and the link between posture and mood.

Workshop 4: Therapist Self-care and Vicarious Trauma
Saturday 25th April 12:30pm-3:30pm

This workshop will consider the potential impact of therapeutic work on the counsellor and how to use mindfulness to manage vicarious trauma. The session will provide nurturing safe space for delegates, who support others professionally, to develop their own self care. Unlike the preceding workshops, in which participants are invited to work with case studies and clinical examples, this experiential workshop focuses more explicitly on the needs of the therapist.

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