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Mindful Positive Psychology Day Retreat|Saturday 2nd April|10am-4pm|Broadacre House, Market Street, Newcastle upon Tyne

Rachel meditation, mindfulness and positive psychologyWant to learn how to be happy? Want to learn tools to manage life’s stresses? Why not join us for a day of mindfulness and positive psychology?

Mindful Therapies popular Mindful Positive Psychology Day retreat returns on on 2nd April.  This fun and interactive day combines benefits of mindfulness practice with the activities developed through the developing science of Positive Psychology.  The day will include mindfulness meditation and introduce tools to bring mindfulness into your daily routine.  Activities will be introduced, backed by neuro- scientific research, from positive psychology that can easily be introduced into your day that can support a happier and more contented life.  Concepts will include exploration of the power of gratitude and appreciation, the value of hope and something to look forward to and the benefits of embracing change.

Mindfulness is exercise for the mind, spend a day being kind to your mind and develop practices that will help reduce stress and improve concentration.