This is a group poem written by participants at a recent 8-week mindfulness course in North Tyneside. The group were given three questions as prompts ‘mindfulness is…’, ‘happiness is…’ and ‘awareness is…’  The responses from all participants were then combined to create a unique, collaborative poem.

This is the result:

Laughing Together

 Breathe, calm,

Pleasure in the small things,

Living in the space that’s created from the attention to thought,

Our search in the field of untrodden dreams – accepting our inner beauty.


Smiling: A route to sanity in a mad world.

Making an edge of awareness into a platform of transformation,

Nourishing, nurturing, soothing – thoughts floating like a cloud.

Drifting freely, blown gently, feeling free.


Looking around you to see if anyone needs your help,

Happiness is as elusive as space dust but harnessed by a commitment to positivity,

Enjoying time with my thoughts – deliverance

from a wall of conflicting thoughts.

Clarity on the sense of fog and mist and the understanding – faith that they will lift.


Every time we do this exercise a new and unique poem is created, as with each moment, each poem is new and provides greater awareness and understanding.

We hope you enjoyed ‘Laughing Together’ and look forward to creating and sharing future poems.