Labyrinth Workshop

Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered… No – this isn’t David Bowie in tight leggings. This is an exploration of the classic shape of the labyrinth and what it can teach us about ourselves. We will be making a labyrinth and walking the labyrinth and maybe using the process to find an answer to a question we have been exploring…!
£20 per person.

Walking the Labyrinth

First we acknowledge there is no right or wrong way to walk a labyrinth.  Unlike a maze, you cannot get lost, simply follow the path.  Because you are walking, concentrating on the path, the mind is quieted.  Let it become a whole body and mind experience.

The entrance can be a place to stop, set an intention for yourself today, for the walk you are about to undertake.

The walk in can be a “letting go”, allowing things that do not serve you well, to fall away.  Allow yourself to be distracted by things you notice on the path, by the twists and turns on the path, likening everything to a metaphor.

Respect the others on the labyrinth, allow them time they need and pass, if appropriate, by stepping over the lines.  Only acknowledge each other if it feels appropriate, respect they are in their own

The centre. This is personal to you.  Some people like to think of it as meeting with the Divine in the centre.  Whatever you think, let it be a place to stop, to reflect and take stock – what have you learned about the journey so far?  What can you take away?