Mindfulness for you

Practicing mindfulness can have a wide range of benefits for physical and emotional wellbeing. It can be particularly useful for:

  • People experiencing chronic pain
  • Those living with stress, anxiety or depression
  • People who want to live fuller, happier, more connected lives.

Practicing mindfulness and meditation regularly can increase resilience – giving coping strategies for everyday life. It can also aid relaxation and sleep, increase self-kindness and help you to develop and maintain a more positive outlook. Mindfulness can also help you to improve your ability to concentrate and make decisions.

Our services

Drop-in classes: We run donation based drop in classes at our Mindful Therapies Centre and at community venues across the North East. You can book your place here. or just turn up.

You can also find all our classes on Meetup.

Courses: We run courses and workshops in mindfulness and throughout the year. These courses introduce the principles of mindfulness and equip participants to manage the stresses of everyday life with more awareness and resilience.

For details please check out our events page or sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

Meditation classes