Birthday Celebrations

3rd birthday

Last Monday Mindful Therapies celebrated our third birthday. It was a low-key celebration with some tea and cake with some of our team, regular class attendees and our partners. It was a lovely opportunity for people who work for Mindful Therapies to meet one another, in some cases for the first time. As we have grown as an organisation there are now people who regularly work for Mindful Therapies with different roles who never get the chance to meet. It was lovely to see the way that the Mindful Therapies family has grown over the last three years, not only developing a service but helping to foster friendships. We feel so fortunate to be able to go into work every day and see so many people that we now consider to be friends.

Sometimes we forget to thank people for all the work that they do and all the support they give. It is all so easy to become accustomed to things as they are and stop appreciating. There is no way that Mindful Therapies would even exist without our dedicated team.

Often, as human beings, we can be so busy striving for the next challenge that we don’t stop to appreciate where we are right now. In the last year we have seen over 1000 people and our growing team now consists of 3 staff, 4 volunteers and 2 trainees. It has been hard at times but really is worth it. Our natural inbuilt negativity bias – our tendency to notice the negative and ignore the positive – means that we might never stop to appreciate. If we wait until things are perfect to stop and experience joy then nothing will ever be good enough!

Here and now

Right now, stop and reflect on what you have achieved today, this week or this year. You might not be exactly where you want to be – maybe you never will be. But that’s ok! Rejoice in yourself just as you are – including your imperfections. And also take a moment to consider others – the other people who have supported you along the way. And remember that we are all on our own imperfect journeys, doing our best, and have a lot to rejoice in!

Looking forward

As we begin our 4th year we will be bringing the benefits of Mindfulness and positive psychology to even more people, in more ways and more places. We started our 4th year last night with our first Midsummer Mindful Mile , find out more next week!. In July our next four week course, First steps in Mindfulness . Click here for more details and to book your place.

Thank you to all of our friends, supporters, volunteers, service users, clients and customers. We hope to see you soon and look forward to inviting you to our next birthday celebration.