Counselling Placements

At Mindful Therapies we understand the challenges of training to be a counsellor first hand, so when designing our student placements we put  support, safeguarding and community at their very centre.

That is why if you choose to do your placement with us we offer a Student Counsellor Support Package alongside your placement.

This is a holistic approach to training, so alongside your supervision we also offer personal therapy and peer support too.

This support package compliments your placement and ensures that you will get the very best out of it.

What’s included in the Student Counsellor Support Package

Mindfulness for Counsellors Training  – This will enable you to use mindfulness interventions with your counselling clients and add another tool to your counselling toolbox.

Peer support and community  – We are a vibrant organisation with lots of things going on. Being a student counsellor can be lonely, which is why we actively encourage our students to join in with our social and mindfulness events. Students will also be invited to a weekly meeting facilitated by our counselling service co-ordinator, and to join a WhatsApp group (trainers and supervisors will not be invited to this!) as an additional peer support.

Two 50 minute supervision sessions a month from a fully qualified supervisor. (Donation based to cover cost)

Counselling sessions for yourself. (Donation based to cover cost)

What we expect of you

Even though we are a laid back and friendly bunch at Mindful Therapies we take our work very seriously. We are committed to providing high quality counselling to the whole community not just those who can afford the cost of private fees.

For this reason you will need to be punctual, well presented, and professional at all times.

We offer a lot of support but need you to be self motivated and pro active in asking for help and joining in with our existing community.

Personal counselling is not a requirement in all counselling courses. However, we believe that personal counselling is essential to developing the self-awareness required to be a good counsellor. Working with clients can be challenging and triggering and personal counselling will enable you to have the support you need to work with clients effectively. This is a form of self-care and self-care should never be an optional extra!
This is why we require you to have at least 6 hours of personal counselling during your placement. If you choose to have this somewhere other than Mindful Therapies we’ll need to see evidence that this is taking place.

We are looking for people who are passionate about counselling and mindfulness and want to be part of Mindful Therapies.

How likely am I to be accepted?

Currently applicants have around a 50% success rate when applying for a placement with us. If you are not successful this time round we will keep your details on file and you may be invited to reapply later in the year if an opportunity becomes available.

What does donation basis mean?

Put simply, you can choose how much you can afford to pay for your supervision and counselling. We will suggest a donation amount to you based on your household composition and income (typically £15-£30), but you don’t have to follow our suggestion if you don’t think it takes full account of your circumstances.

We trust you to pay what you can so that everyone can get the support that they need.

As a not for profit organisation, every penny we receive in donations from our sessions goes back into the service and ensures we can continue to provide supervision and counselling in this way.

To put this into context if you were to arrange your supervision and counselling separately then average rates for one 50 minute supervision session in Newcastle is £60, and private counselling is £50. This is without all the added training and support we provide.

If you choose to arrange your supervision and therapy elsewhere then please discuss this with us before accepting a placement with us.

To apply for a placement at Mindful Therapies please use this application form.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with and we’ll aim to get back to you ASAP