My Mindful Colonoscopy

Finding The Pleasant in the Unpleasant A couple of weeks ago I experienced a colonoscopy. Like most people I don't particularly relish the thought of an invasive medical procedure. However, throughout the experience I was able to find elements that were pleasant. In almost any circumstances we may be able to use our mindfulness practice [...]

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A Mindful New Year: Rethinking Resolutions

Rachel Jones-Wild, Director, Mindful Therapies Some reflections on New Year: Mindful Resolutions? For many people this is the time for New Year resolutions. And for many, these are broken by 2nd January, leaving a sense of despondency or even failure. However, this is a time of reflection, and, if done with kindness and awareness, we can use this mini-milestone as an opportunity to take stock and make positive choices. The following is two guided reflections followed by some top tips for keeping resolutions more [...]

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