The Problem with Gratitude by the Happy Squirrel

The Problem with Gratitude Here at Mindful Therapies our attitude of the month for March is gratitude. We have had a lot to say over the years about the importance and benefits of gratitude: Gratitude: antidote to New Years Resolutions ; Gratitude in the workplace ; Gratitude in relationships ; Deepening practice and more. This [...]

Becoming redundant | Becoming more | My Mindful reflections

When I became redundant In the first 30 months of this decade I was fortunate enough to be made redundant not once but twice. Not that it felt in any way positive. The definition of the word itself says it all; Redundant Adjective Not or no longer needed or useful: Superfluous My story Now I [...]

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Happy 3rd Birthday to us!

Birthday Celebrations Last Monday Mindful Therapies celebrated our third birthday. It was a low-key celebration with some tea and cake with some of our team, regular class attendees and our partners. It was a lovely opportunity for people who work for Mindful Therapies to meet one another, in some cases for the first time. As [...]

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2 Mindful Poems from Mental Health week

Mental Health Awareness week - Relationships Last week Mindful Therapies  were privileged to be involved in activities to raise awareness of mental health as part of mental health awareness week. The theme for this years mental health awareness week was relationships.  In addition to delivering Mindfulness seessions at schools, colleges and community centres across Tyneside we [...]

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Mindfulness of the senses

The Senses We experience the world in two main ways – through our minds and through our senses. When we experience the world through the mind we are often stuck in fantasy, or we are stuck in memories about the past or worries about the future. When we experience the world through our senses we [...]

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