14 tips for a mindful Valentine’s Day

A mindful Valentine’s Day Valentine's day is a celebration of love, relationships and connection. Mindfulness is training in paying attention, in the words of Simone Weil ‘Attention is the Rarest and Purest form of Generosity’ Mindfulness, paying attention , on purpose, in the present moment can help strengthen our relationships. The following tips can [...]

A perfect day?

An ordinary day or a perfect day? At 11:15pm on Saturday 21st September I was driving home, I was feeling good and realised that the day that had just been may well have been a perfect day.  I was however also struck by the realisation that from a different perspective, it was an average [...]

The Problem with Gratitude by the Happy Squirrel

The Problem with Gratitude Here at Mindful Therapies our attitude of the month for March is gratitude. We have had a lot to say over the years about the importance and benefits of gratitude: Gratitude: antidote to New Years Resolutions ; Gratitude in the workplace ; Gratitude in relationships ; Deepening practice and more. This [...]

9 mindful attitudes in relationships | 3. Gratitude

Gratitude In Relationships This series of blog posts focuses on some of my reflections on the nine foundational attitudes of mindfulness and how they relate to interpersonal relationships. This week is an exploration of gratitude. For me, gratitude is probably the most significant thing that I have learned since beginning to practice mindfulness. When [...]

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9 Attitudes of mindfulness | Deepening practice | Gratitude

Gratitude “Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” ― Eckhart Tolle Gratitude is a way to protect your mind from constantly complaining and finding the negative in things. To enjoy the present moment with a sense of reverence and humility. By slowing down and bringing [...]

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Happy 3rd Birthday to us!

Birthday Celebrations Last Monday Mindful Therapies celebrated our third birthday. It was a low-key celebration with some tea and cake with some of our team, regular class attendees and our partners. It was a lovely opportunity for people who work for Mindful Therapies to meet one another, in some cases for the first time. As [...]

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Mindful Relationships: A Valentines blog

  In the lead-up to Valentine’s Day I have been thinking a lot about relationships. Not about the chocolates and greetings cards mushy stuff that often gets attention on Valentine’s - but proper real relationships. So I wanted to take an opportunity to celebrate relationships in all their forms - whether we are single or [...]

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Gratitude in the Workplace

Imagine you are given some feedback at work. Chances are that within that feedback there was a whole list of positives and then maybe a little constructive criticism, or room for improvement. How did you feel when you read or heard this? What did you think? Which parts did you choose to focus on? Most [...]

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