Autumn well-being mindfulness and yoga workshops

Join us this Autumn for a series of workshops to improve well-being through mindfulness and yoga. Discover tools and techniques to find peace, calm and connection in your busy lives. Check out our latest four workshops below.

Am I doing it right? Exploring our meditation practice.

Saturday 21st September 12:30pm-3:30pm

Join Rachel and Mark to explore;

How do we know what we ‘should’ be experiencing when we meditate?

How do we know what is ‘normal’?

Why does everyone else look so serene while I am totally distracted?

In this workshop we will be exploring our meditation practice in more depth, discussing what actually happens when we sit down and close our eyes. We will explore attitude and intention and debunk some of the myths about what’s ‘supposed’ to happen when we meditate.

This workshop is open to anyone who has some experience of meditation – we would suggest a minimum of 6 months experience.


£20 – Mindful Therapies/Happy Yoga members


Sleep and Restorative yoga

Saturday 26th October 12:30pm-3:30pm

Come join Mark and Jo from Happy Yoga for an afternoon of complete relaxation.
We’ll be spending the whole afternoon indulging in total TLC for ourselves. An afternoon retreat for our minds and bodies.

Utilising the latest research and the science of sleep, this workshop will include useful hints, tips and techniques to improve sleep

Looking at how to use mindfulness to sleep better and cultivate gratitude.

The yoga will be really gentle and suitable for beginners.


£20 Mindful Therapies/Happy Yoga members


Kindness and Boundaries: What Mindfulness can teach us about relationships

Saturday 9th November 12:30pm-3:30pm

 Join Rachel and Mark to find out what mindfulness can teach us about kindness, boundaries and relationships.

We hear a lot about the importance of acceptance and kindness. Yet all too often this can lead to feeling taken advantage of and not appreciated. So how do we practice kindness to ourselves and kindness to others? How do we develop and maintain appropriate boundaries? How do we practice mindful assertiveness?

This workshop will use meditation, mindfulness theory and theories from Transactional Analysis to explore what boundaries mean and how we can make greater use of them in our relationships.


£20 Mindful Therapies/Happy Yoga members


Anxiety Release

Saturday 16th November

Explore how mindfulness and yoga can help to reduce anxiety and bring calm to our busy lives.

Join Jo and Rachel from Mindful therapies as we explore yoga and mindfulness practises that can ease Anxiety.

We will look at the science behind how mindfulness and yoga works so you understand the exercises and learn how to apply them to your everyday life.

This workshop will be gentle and soothing, with a laid back friendly atmosphere.


£20 Mindful Therapies/Happy Yoga members