5 Reasons Why Gratitude Is Good for You


  1. It makes us richer. If we constantly focus on what we don’t have or what we would like to have we are left with a sense of lack. Nothing is ever good enough. However, when we begin to appreciate what we already have, then we develop a sense of abundance and inner richness. We may still want things, but we see those things as what they are.


  1. It helps us gain perspective. We have an inbuilt tendency to notice the negative. This is known as ‘negativity bias’ and is completely natural. However, while focusing on the negative can sometimes help us to change things for the better, it can also leave us feeling unhappy. The good news is that we can learn to focus on the positive too and develop gratitude. This can give us a more balanced view of what we have and equip us to manage life’s difficulties more effectively.


  1. It makes us happier. According to Dr. Robert Emmons, author of ‘Thanks!: How the New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier’, practicing gratitude can increase levels of happiness by around 25%. He found that gratitude can have positive effects on both our physical and mental health.


  1. It helps us in our intimate relationships. When couples practice gratitude they feel closer to one another and more likely to focus on the positive aspects of their relationships rather than the challenges. When we practice gratitude in relationships we are more likely to value our partner and feel more committed to the relationship. The same is true for friendships and other relationships.


  1. It can change the world. When we are more grateful for what we have we are more likely to be generous. And when we practice generosity, the whole world benefits!


Rachel Jones-Wild

Mindful Therapies